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On the edge of the capital city of Kampala, in the village of Ganda there lives a Ugandan named George Nsimbi. George was a child during the terrible years of Idi Amin's regime. During this time George was separated from his parents and cared for by kind strangers. Often times, there was not enough food to go around.

George's faith, however, was strengthened as a result of the trials he faced during the war. His powerful testimony is filled with experiences of unexplained grace and mercy throughout his life. George is filled with passion to serve the people of his country. In 2011, George and Rose Nsimbi began ministering to the people of the village of Ganda, Uganda. As relationships were forged and villagers came to know the Lord, a church was established for the community. However, after spending more and more time with the people of Ganda, George noticed that many members had children who were of school age but were not attending school. George deeply felt the urgency to reach more of the community by offering an opportunity for a quality, affordable education to the children of Ganda. Thus Grace Primary School was founded.

George and Rose began to reach out to local mothers and grandparents who wanted to send their children to school, but were unable to due to poverty. Grace School offers families an affordable, and in some cases, a free education for their children. At it's founding, Grace School consisted of only two rooms. Over the last few years, as visibility and support has been raised for Grace School, a new school building was built with three completed floors, increasing the student capacity from 80 to nearly 400 students! Thanks to your support, more children have the opportunity to receive meals, a quality education, and the love of Jesus.


Ugandan families are deeply in need of support as they face critical challenges such as life-threatening diseases and devastating poverty. Many Ugandan families will not be able to send their children to school because they are unable to afford books and school supplies. Even meeting basic needs such as shelter, food, and access to clean water is a challenge for many Ugandan families.

Educational support is critical in providing hope for Ugandan families. A quality education that equips and empowers young people to become future leaders in their community is an important step as they prepare to address the issues faced by the nation of Uganda.




"I love my country, and it caused me, it propelled me to pray more for my country." - George Nsimbi

When Idi Amin's regime began in Uganda, George Nsimbi was only one year old. After being separated from his parents during the war, George was cared for by kind strangers where he was given food and a safe place stay. Experiencing the devastation of war first hand fueled George's passion to pray for his country. George and his wife, Rose, now care for children living in at-risk areas in the village of Ganda, Uganda, at Grace Primary School. Grace School provides children with a safe place to receive a quality education and the hope for a better future.

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Annet Nabukera was abandoned by her husband, leaving her as the sole caretaker and provider for her children. As her children became school-aged, Annett faced the devastating reality that she was unable to afford to send them to school. Annett began to drink heavily to “kill off the frustration.” Each day Annett left her children in the care of their aunt so she could drink away her sorrows. Others in the community saw Annett’s struggle and became greatly concerned. They reached out to Grace school for help for Annett and her children.


Jennifer is a mother and teacher at Grace Primary School in Uganda, Africa. At a young age, Jennifer's husband deserted the family, leaving her as the sole caretaker of their young son and unborn child. Abandoned by her husband, alone, and pregnant, Jennifer sought refuge at Grace School. As she began the application process, it was obvious Jennifer carried a broken heart. Without hesitation, she was taken in by Grace School and given a job as a teacher.

During her time at the Grace School, Jennifer began to heal from her hurtful past. She gained confidence as a committed staff member of Grace School, and is now able to care for her children with her salary.

Stories like Jennifer's are all too common in Uganda. Thanks to the committed staff and supporters of the Grace School, however, mothers and their children are being filled with hope for a better future.

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Grace Primary School is thanking God for providing a van! This van will help them pick up and deliver students, especially those who have had to walk long distances to get to school.

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