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Give Hope Tree 2020

The Hope Village USA Give Hope Tree is our way of spreading joy during the Christmas season. The Give Hope Tree offers you the ability to sponsor a child in our ministry, ensuring that they will have gifts to open this Christmas. For many families in this ministry, these gifts will be the only ones their children will get to open on Christmas Day.

A one-time donation of $50 will fully sponsor a Give Hope Tree child between 6-10 years old or a teen in our youth program.

The deadline for sponsoring a child this Christmas is December 6, 2020.



We are located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, reaching the children and families of Fort Smith and the River Valley.


Low income families are in need of support before they enter a season of crisis.

The Village

At Hope Village USA we believe lasting, sustainable change happens over time.

Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas

Language: English

Industry: Manufacturing

Fort Smith, Arkansas lies in the River Valley on the Arkansas River. It is home to over 87,000 people. The surrounding counties have a population of over 211,000.



In 2017, 5,113 Arkansan children were in foster care.

  • 54% entered the foster care system due to substance abuse

  • 51% entered due to neglect

  • 22% entered due to parent incarceration*

River Valley families, particularly those living in low-income situations, are deeply in need of support before they enter a season of crisis, before children are moved into foster care, and before both children and parents in need feel lost or forgotten.


The Village

At Hope Village USA we believe lasting, sustainable change happens over time. We are committed to long-term discipleship through every season of life - from childhood all the way to adulthood.

We aim to equip and empower children, students, and their families with the spiritual, social, and practical tools they need to become leaders in their schools, neighborhoods, and beyond. We hope to see communities and lives transformed by the hope of Jesus Christ.


Hope Kids

Hope Kids is Hope Village's ministry for children 6-12 years old. Because a child’s moral foundations are established by the age of 9, we recognize childhood is a key developmental stage to build spiritual and moral values that will remain with the child his or her entire life. We want our the children in our Hope Kids ministry to understand that God created them, He loves them, and they are valuable.

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Tribe Students

The Tribe Students is Hope Village's ministry for students 13-18 years old. Our mission at the Tribe is to unify a family of diverse youth who impact their communities through living God's kingdom principles. We seek to equip and empower students to be compassionate, responsible, and skilled leaders who walk in integrity and serve Jesus whole-heatedly.

During the summer, the Tribe students have the opportunity to put into practice the things they've learned by participating in outreach activities, missions trips, and other exciting activities.



*Arkansas Department of Human Services Division of Children and Family Services

PO Box 756 Van Buren, AR 72957 USA

(479) 242-1911

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